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Friday, December 23, 2005

Immigrants' Dream

This painting is not for sale.
Maybe these changes to the Kirnville produce stand painting will be the changes that sum up my involvement. The same pioneering spirit alive here in Oregon today is the same spirit that my great grandparents had in the 1890's in Palestine. Their dreams for their children were what they were about.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Produce Stand turned to Welcome Immigrants

This painting is not available for sale.
Starting in October I painted on location at the Barking Dog Produce Stand in Kirnville. After painting over the first rain splattered runny colors, I gave much thought to why I was drawn to the site. I was especially interested in how discarded trash metal was made into bird sculptures and rod ironwork. Here was an example of art and agriculture coming together to make community. Here in Oregon I saw the restoration of the original farming communities in Eurasia. But when I painted the Asian drinking from a bowl that just didn't say enough. I felt that I had more in me needing to get out. I became aware that I wanted to paint the spirit of pioneer communities. This spirit is here and also in my ancesters past. Almost everybody has immigrant ancestors some where in their family tree. Some of mine were immigrants to Palestine at the end of the 19th century. My great grandfather David Widler was appointed by the Ottoman Empire powers at the time to be in charge of helping Jewish immigrants. So I have painted my grandfather learning to watercolor. Also painted his sisters with a great uncle learning to be still with animals and love music. Another great uncle studied photography. I have no pictures of them in Israel but I have gone and retraced their steps. Why have I painted them? Because it was their hopes for their children to repair the world through agriculture and art making community. In this painting there are emotions beyond words.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Fishing the Crooked River

This acrylic painting on canvas 33 1/2 " x 27 1/2" framed , 22" x 28" image is for sale. $500
Near Prineville, Oregon the pines along the Crooked River have such beautiful bark. It is a pleasure to paint these trees in a natural river setting while my husband fishes for the Red Side Rainbow Trout.