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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our Winnebago Sightseer as a traveling painting studio

Quick sketches of Red Cliffs in mole skin pocket book The difficulty we had on our first long trip was balancing Don's fishing with my painting. One of our stops when we first arrived appeared like a total empty place for my painting. It was a high bluff above Cebolia Lake in Arizona. The landscape stretched out to the horizon with tiny mountains in the distance. At sunset we heard the wild burroes and coyotes. When I went for a walk alone I was frightened out of my mind when I found myself in a swarm of killer bees who paid me no attention thankfully.
Here I discovered that I can find interesting and rewarding subjects anywhere. Underfoot I found a nature made mosaic of rocks of all descriptions. The camp site looked like
it had never been used by another human except for a circle of dust with some found rocks deliberately placed unlike nature could do alone. An artist had stayed here before and left the place without leaving more than his feelings expressed with the selection of rocks and how they interacted with sun and weather. Like that artist I tried to leave the camp as I had found it with an additional arrangement of rocks. As for my painting experience there, it went very well and is posted earlier.

What I like about our 2004 Winnebago Sightseer Motor Coach is that I had enough art supplies to last two months and my husband had an eight foot inflatable pontoon boat an all his fishing gear and we still had considerable empty storage space.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Watercolor from Nevada's "Canyon of Fire State Park"

This 9" x 13 1/2" watercolor was marked out in pencil on the trail and finished that afternoon in camp. For sale $200

Watercolors from trip to Arizona, 14" x 20"

Red Cliffs, California
Moon Rise over Cibola

Alamo Sunset

All three are for sale on cotton rag watercolor paper and each one is $100.

Arizona Acrylic Paintings 16" x 20"

Mountains combing the clouds passing over our desert camp near the Alamo Wayside on Highway 8 between Yuma and Tucson, March 11

Reeds seen near our camp on Mittery Lake, March 12

Wild flowers seen at camp site near Cebolia Lake on the Colorado River, March 19

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

photographs from California, Arizona, and Nevada Trip

Setting sun at the flat table a mile from Cebolia Lake. To reach this high nole we had to build up the road with big stones to repair where it had washed out. This was taken near the camp ground at Canyon of Fire, Nevada.

I always have an eye out for dragon shapes in the landscape and some of my paintings on this trip have a dragon shapes I think.

To see more of these Arizona paintings click on the link. widlerwenzelarizona@blogspot.com