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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What the World Needs Now is Chicago, Want-to-be Olympic Heroes and Art

What the World Needs Now Is Want-to-be Heroes of the Chicago Olympics in 2016 and Art from the Heart of our Child inspiring that WE CAN all be all that we can be with a HEALTHY work ethic. What the world needs now is love sweet love, not just for one but for everyone. Chicago has excellent basic athletic and art venues to nurture the Olympic spirit. I wish President Barack Obama and Michelle well in their quest to bring the Olympics to Chicago.
For examples of art from the heart of our child click on the icecream cone. For my process and paintings of vases click on the label below.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reflection Abstracts

These 12" square oil paintings are made with rags, pallette knife and fish head bones. They are a step in making more paintings of vases about what is most precious. They may remain finished as is and only help me in painting vase paintings. I like them as they are paintings of the similarity between ceramic glaze and water.
I f you like these abstracts click on the Label below.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vase of My Sparkling Dreams

We took the boat down the Siletz into the bay and dropped six crab pots. We were very busy dropping and pulling up the pots so I did not paint then. I did notice how the fog created a dream world which I tried to capture from memory. The Vase of My Sparkling Dreams is as big as all outdoors the sky, the waters and the earth. This vase is one of a growing series on vases expressing what is most precious to me. I am continuing to be open to ideas for other vases that express what others value most. A seven year old boy also said he valued his dreams.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bounce light from vase of "Love" onto vase of "Long Good Life"

Glossy glazed ceramics placed in the sun light glisten and bounce reflections upon all that surrounds them. Like a gossy glaze the River Siletz waters, rippled by a breeze glowing with sunlight, bounce a light show on the river's banks. Looking at the river inspires a new vase in my most precious most wonderful thing series. This inspiration is based on science as well as emotion. Ceramic glaze is a glass and glass is a liquid like water according to physicists. The eternal ever lasting connection between what we observe outdoors and the characteristics of ceramics reminds me of humane life. So I painted a painting of the vase of "Long Good Life" symbolized by a surrealistic vase on a river bank.
One granddaughter made this vase about what is most precious to her - love. I'll focus on the appeal of expressing the wonderment I felt as a child.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

River Abstract

Oil painting on location need not be complex. This painting required a half dozen colors, a small rag torn from an old sheet, the bones removed from my fish head soup, a leaf and inspiration from the Siletz River.

I have a little forethought on wanting to go where I never have been before. I am still thinking about the ceramic project and looking for similarities between the appearance of water and the glass glazes.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fish story today but tommorrow a painting

Fishing luck today at 7:00 AM just as we left the dock we had a strike. We went back to the dock and I spent the morning making soup from the head. This afternoon I tried using the head bones to spread the oil paint. The bones break easily. I don't know what I think of the lines in the paint. tommorrow I will try painting again.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Series of nine ceramic vases

I have, in addition to making the vases, painted three paintings related to my summer project. To see the paintings scroll down. To learn more click here about the vases. http://vaseswidlerwenzel.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Precious Vase - Rejuvenating Garden

A painter sculptress also a grandmother and care giver. A lady who is living a sandwiched life says the most precious thing is her garden and appreciation of nature.
Tomorrow evening I hope to have the fired ceramic vases to share.

Honoring Ancient Mariners Vase

When I hold a vase with a long neck and trumpet shaped lip to my ear, I hear the ocean. Vases remind me of treasurers found in ancient ship wrecks. This painting comes from many inspirations. A most important inspiration is honoring the ancient mariners who spread the technology of ceramics in the Mediterranean. The idea of firing clay could also have come by Ocean currents carrying ceramic bottles.
This painting will be a key part of an exhibit of my ceramic vases.