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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bounce light from vase of "Love" onto vase of "Long Good Life"

Glossy glazed ceramics placed in the sun light glisten and bounce reflections upon all that surrounds them. Like a gossy glaze the River Siletz waters, rippled by a breeze glowing with sunlight, bounce a light show on the river's banks. Looking at the river inspires a new vase in my most precious most wonderful thing series. This inspiration is based on science as well as emotion. Ceramic glaze is a glass and glass is a liquid like water according to physicists. The eternal ever lasting connection between what we observe outdoors and the characteristics of ceramics reminds me of humane life. So I painted a painting of the vase of "Long Good Life" symbolized by a surrealistic vase on a river bank.
One granddaughter made this vase about what is most precious to her - love. I'll focus on the appeal of expressing the wonderment I felt as a child.

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Parapluie said...

I want to make a ceramic vase from the two ideas I have from the High Lama.

I met the High Lama of Tibet, who grew up with the Dahli Lama. He said more than anything he wanted a long good life for himself and his monks. And the message we asked him for to carry to the United States was "to have a good heart." This meeting was arranged by our guide for a Portland Community College tour of mystical Tibet in 2002.

I could make a ceramic vase with people in it. A man and a woman enjoying their golden years hand in hand jumping for joy into the river of life.