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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Painting at Ona Beach, Oregon

Both of these paintings have undergone great change. especially the tree. This tree has become the base for painting my own family tree portraits sitting on the branches. This very personal painting was exhibited june 2007 at the Benton County Museum group show, "Seven Years Later"

Outdoors I enjoyed mixing a water and dilute mat medium with pan wtercolors working transparency over transparency. "View Approaching Foot Bridge to Beach", "Tree Standing on the Bank of Beaver Creek" 18" x 18" ( Update: The tree painting became the base for a painting of my family tree and an illustration in the book, "When I Get to be Older")

Friday, July 14, 2006

Grandma's Dance

This painting is not for sale as it is so personal. I have given a reproduction of it to a lady that showed interest. I make reproductions by request but do not market them.
People ask how long it takes me to paint a picture. This painting has taken me years to complete. I hope it is complete and these are all my grandchildren. I hope to keep the memory of their early years and how easily they could be entertained. I used to think that having two children would replace us and not add to the population explosion. That does not seem to be the case because we live longer and population can be increased by having the generations too close together. The green line stretching between me and my grandchildren represents transferring the joy of living.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Garden Sculpture

Our eight feet tall lilies create a little secret outdoor room at our front door. I really enjoy the visual effect but not the strong scent. The smell irritates my allergies. We are going to dig out a third of these lilies and plant new varieties. I want to select plants that suggest the whimsy of water and life.