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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Day Three of Riparian Dragons

I am not the first one to think of abstracting dragon forms out of organic life. An example is the symmetry seen in the ebb tide of riparian river outlets to the oceans and seas of the world. The branches in reflection remind me of the art of the ancient Near East and the "animal style". Perhaps I am not too far out on a limb to assume that ancient metal workers were influenced by the repetition of dragon-like forms everywhere in nature. Pictured here on it's side is a 9th - 7th century B. C., pole top ornament from Luristan. p. 63 of H. W. Janson's HISTORY OF ART.
I am enjoying reading MYTHS AND LEGENDS OF CHINA AND JAPAN, Donald A. MacKenzie. The Chinese legends of the dragon are not just home grown but have come via ancient mariners from Babylonia and perhaps elsewhere.

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