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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Vase Body Language

These are some shapes similar to these vases on either side of the George Washington's portrait in the Rotunda of our Capitol Building in Washington DC.
Yesterday's blog analyzed the body language of the vases that symbolize to me the people of the United States and their law making.
The paper cut-out vase today has a larger liberating neck. The larger the liberating top portion of the vase is, the less effective is the stabilizing power of the body for holding together the contents. The wider the foot, the less apt it will be tipped over.
The Rotunda vases are proportionately narrower at the foot and the bodies are more elongated, aspiring, buoying upwards to the little liberating necks. The shoulders are wide and strong as compared to the narrower foot making the vases vulnerable.


Anonymous said...

Paraphrase please

Parapluie said...

In other words the making of a vase feels like the wet clay is alive and subject to the same natural laws as humanity.