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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Art Philosophy

We are all real artists. Real as in the sense that we are all involved in life learning, making new creative connections in moving people, animals and things into new relationships. The process of manipulating and organizing is real art. Sometimes we are aware of art as in a symphonic concert and sometimes we are not as apt to be aware of the process that goes into all our life including mundane repeated activities like drying our laundry.
Well accepted as being art are fine art painting and sculpture as are architecture, landscaping, the performing arts, culinary arts, and healing arts. Often debated during the 70’s and 80’s was whether or not the crafts were art like ceramics, weaving, textiles, and woodworking. In the past decade some of us women are looking at ourselves as a work of art in the making.
• Real art process can be subconscious or without intent.
• Real art includes fine art of course. But real art is not a value placed on the resulting product as in fine art.
• Real art processes involve our quality of life on all levels from our person, home, city, state, country and world.
• Real art is real in the sense that it exists but not always given recognition in everything we do or touch.
• Real art can be counterproductive in achieving human potential. For example humor is a real art form that is considered to be healing. "Laughter is the best medicine." But humor can also be abusive like making fun of people who are different from you.
• Real art process can make better more humane relationships or cause dysfunctional relationships. Understanding the workings of real art for strengthening or weakening the fiber of community is important in distinguishing artful lies from the art of illuminating truth.

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