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Friday, October 15, 2010

At home touches to paintings made in Winnebago studio

I had a wonderful month painting in my outdoor Winnebago studio. I was on the bank of the Siletz River at the Coyote Rock RV Resort and Marina.
These canvases are 24" x 24". I will hang them up in my house to look at and think about. It was my intention to express my emotions in an abstraction departing from the objects in the picture until the subject was no longer important. But I just couldn't depart to the non-objective in these two paintings.

My touches to this first painting covered the entire canvas except the mountain in the back ground. The Sprightly Splash received some value changes in the splash itself. I do not like pure white from the jar.


Rain said...

I like both of those. I think Sprightly Splash is much better, and the energy of the rocks matches the energy of the waves.

Parapluie said...

Thank you ain, I was thinking maybe I should stop working on these paintings started at the coast.

rob ijbema said...

the movement of the water works so well

Parapluie said...

Thanks Rob, I enjoy the movement in your paintings very much.