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Friday, February 11, 2011

Painting inspiration going with the flow

Coit Tower Mural, San Francisco
I was going to throw a dice to start doing new work. Maybe it would land on planning a mural type painting for one of my large canvases;doing ink drawings of kitchen utensils or a watercolor of yarn balls symbolizing women's creativity; abstract paper carving and collage, painting outdoors in the mist, changing my slide show, "Could Fish Hooks be the Most Important Invention Ever?" so it can be enjoyed without me moderating it in person. Couldn't find a dice! So I flipped a coin - heads ink drawing and tales watercolor. Heads won. Couldn't find my new pen points so I used a rusted one and tried to go over pencil lines from the elk I sketched last week near Reedsport. That lasted about five minutes and I started cleaning my studio table top. Then I worked on my slide show.


Rain said...

You sound as restless as I feel. Is it spring yet? *s*

Parapluie said...

There are signs of spring racing in my blood.

Kay Dennison said...

As usual, I am awed by your talent!