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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Review of J.H. Sweet's book GYPSY FIDDLE

Gypsy Fiddle, by J. H. Sweet, is between magical fantasy and science fiction for 10 years and up. It is much fun to read and I can readily see that Sweet was having the best time ever writing the story. As a 68 year old grandmother, I enjoyed it for the wholesome main character who was brave in exploring a strange world where she was proactive in surrounding herself with caring adults. The new mother substitute nurtured her when her biological mother who also loved her but fell short.

As an artist I loved the message that even if your first art works do not fill the expectations of some critics, art is useful and in the reach of everyone - art helps to bring people together by showing tangible works so we can appreciate our similarities in needs. The hand crocheted border on a salvaged towel makes a beautiful personalized gift from a great aunt who I am trying to convince is artful in her living. I can't wait until I write her about Sweet's book. Click here on the blue tiltle to get a copy of this free e-book, GYPSY FIDDLE.

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