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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Hawaii pallet abstract #2

My attention was divided between three aspects of painting.  One was relating colors one next to another. I asked how additions of compliments or white would change the way the colors looked in relationships with other colors in their neighborhoods  One neighborhood was the blues and the other warmer  roses and oranges.. The other was watching the paint react on its own. No use for masking to force the paint what it will do. I tried very wet pools of color that dried with a darker line along their edges.  Another natural paint characteristic is the blooms that occur when one part fof the pool dries faster than another.  When one pool comes in contact with another the pool with the most water will flow paint into the thirsty pool no matter how small a little bridge there is between them.

The most important part of making this painting is feeling good about the Hawaiian colors and how them make me feel. This painting is on a full sheet of cold press Arches watercolor paper.

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