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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Extending Myself

Today I tried a new way of painting. With oil paints I painted from start to finish in just a little over an hour. The big change for me was to paint a very small canvas of 5" x 7". for sale $86. But can I be satisfied painting small canvases? The set up was swift and I had a fist full of small brushes so I did not clean between colors. The small brushes cleaned up easily at home afterwards. Maybe this is the way I will be painting in the future when I am traveling about the country. But I am not sure I can get all my personality into such a small area. I was pleased on this first one because I was not all tight as I anticipated. Standing up while painting had much to do with my freeling of freedom. Another bonus is the promise of a flow of work. I can think about my next painting and not go back into my first impression. On small canvases I can break the habit of making little changes for months and even years after starting a painting.


Rain said...

I like it and think that it's good to paint in all sizes as it keeps you flexible and not into formats of composition.

Parapluie said...

Thanks Rain. Only I am aware of looking for the view I wish to interpret. And I am relying on the compositions that have worked for me. I'll try to be more daring on the small 5 x 7 format. Thanks for reminding me to keep pushing the edge.