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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cruise photographs between Buenos Aires to Valparaiso

January 18, my husband and I entered our last port after out cruise On the Celebrity Cruise Ship Infinity.

Valparaiso is the San Francisco of South America with steep hills and cable cars.

After the 14 day cruise it had been months since we were in Ben's Aires and this colorful district. I wonder if the paintings here of the Argentina Tango truly reflect the real Tango spirit or if they were made to satisfy tourists. I am searching for the real tango spirit in the paintings I will be posting soon.

This Tango couple appear to hate each other. The man's right hand that acts as a signal to the woman is not directing her from the back of the rib cage.Maybe the artist didn't want to draw hands or they were making a comment on men and women these days.

On board ship our travel companions play chess.

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Kay Dennison said...

How I envy you your trip! I have always wanted to go to South America so I'm loving your photos.

I can't wait to see your paintings!