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Friday, August 14, 2009

"Society Allowing, and Celebrating Diversity is Precious to Me"

This vase was created in response to Cath's contribution to my ceramic ideas. She wrote "The longer I live in my home town, the more strongly I realize that society allowing and celebrating diversity is precious to me." Cath keeps a blog of her latest art series including mapping abstracts inspired by Aboriginal art. She is a librarian and care giver for her mother in New Zealand. http://cathsheard.wordpress.com

I enjoy painting in the public Sure fire Design Studio in downtown Albany, Oregon. Below are pictures of the vase before firing and the drawing I made before sculpting the vase.

I am working on the Children's Ceramic Project with my grandchildren and from suggestions in blogger comments. So please share with me a subject for a vase - share with me what is most precious to you. Or ask a young child what is the most wonderful thing in the world. One granddaughter made a bowl decorated with what she thought was precious - valentine hearts symbolizing love. The bowl will be fired and ready to paint the middle of next month. As for me after making and collapsing several first attempts in clay, I drew the idea pictured here. This is a plan for the next hand built vase that will be completed next month.


cathsheard said...

yes, yes, yes - too cool

Parapluie said...

The exact quote for the releasing of balloon vase is: "The longer I live in my home town, the more strongly I realise that society alowing, and ceebrating diversity is precious to me."
Cath's idea of what is precious is an action rather than a thing. Playing off her idea I could also make vases for other actions - gaining recognition, caring for health, parenting and so on.

Connie said...

Gorgeous drawing - great use of line and color! The actual vase is so charming - wonderful project!

Parapluie said...

Thanks Connie,
I have been getting new ideas from family. Yesterday I made a small scale generosity vase. Some new ideas include my family they make me feel good, my dreams (boy age 7) My kiki comfort blanket, my airplanes - I can pretend to fly (boy age 8) Bugs, Big bugs I call "Orkin Boy", Boy 2 and half years old)

cathsheard said...

Back again - and I still love the vase. Just been reading your comment on my blog. How obvious in one way, and scary in another, that what you are painting has such an impact on your health (blood pressure). If I was still studying at Uni, that'd be such a cool line of inquiry. For the record, please paint relaxing things - we want you to stay well.

Parapluie said...

Thanks Cath for thoughts on my health. After Monday I should hear from my doctor what the meaning of the testis. I might have to start taking medication.

rob ijbema said...

really enjoying these vases,and their stories!

Parapluie said...

Thank you Rob. Wednesday I should have some more finished vases.