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Monday, August 17, 2009

Link to article on the effect of photography on painting

Arts Fine of the UK listed my blog in their directory and asked for a link. On their site is an interesting article about painting style and the camera. http://www.arts-fine.co.uk/BuyArtOnline/Understanding_Art.html

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Rain said...

Interesting article especially on portraiture. Very few people had the money in the times before cameras to have paintings made. When photography first became a reality, not too many could even access that. Today anybody can have their photograph taken if they so choose and for very little money.

Taking it a step farther, you have today the digital artists. I have seen some good ones online and then at the last Clothesline Sale in Corvallis, one had a booth there with his prints. Sorry I don't recall his name but my husband talked to him for awhile about his technique. It is an evolving world for sure.