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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

December through February Exhibit at the Albany Public Library

"Humbug Creek Revisited after 42 Years", Breitenbush, Oregon, 2002, acrylic on stretched canvas, 55'x 40". The small stones and still waters shaded by vegetation has been flooded away down to bed rock, the big mossy bolder remains. Although my mother's prophetic view of forests and fisheries is partially true, I have paintings telling optimistic stories of volunteers working the Department of Fish and Wildlife to reclaim nature's bounty.

My mother and I did art work on a camping trip. Hers is pencil on watercolor paper, 22" x 18". I did not understand her work then. Now I see she was drawing the future of idle fishermen waiting for the fish to return. The eroding deforested hills with corny fields of planted trees. Mine was of the stream in a corridor of woodlands by the creek. Humbug Creek, Oregon, 1960, oil, 24" x 18"
Alsea River, Acrylic on Museum wrapped canvas, 40" x 55" These paintings ar edonated to Oregon Hatchery Research Center.

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