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Monday, June 27, 2011

Hooks in many media

A porcelain hook on a bathroom door intended for towels or bathrobes or such is not my ideal of beauty.

Don with two of our grandchildren at Lava Bute, Eastern Oregon points at the caldera.

There are many hooks that are not attractive. Hooks are on burrs and I pull them out of my socks. I like hooks too. Yelled warnings hook our attention. We then avoid danger. Multiple hooks rip loudly when pulled from the fuzz of Velcro. A hook on ear hangers keep my glasses in place. A hook on my buckel keeps my belt in place. A porcelain hook must be made chunky or it will break easily.

I am surprised that the symbol for the heart and love is made of two hook shapes and I have been cutting out hooks to make hearts.

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