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Friday, June 17, 2011

Illustrations From Aleph to Ze'ev by Ze'ev Orzech

(Ze'ev and I signed his book for Beit Am members and friends.)

Last night was the celebration of a book by Ze'ev Orzech, From Aleph to Ze'ev, Excursions into Jewish Culture, History, Rituals and Beliefs contains a 110 articles about topics of interest that have appeared in the Beit Am's monthly newsletter over the past 20 years. My small supportive role in making of the book consists of a few illustrations that appear mostly on the cover. I was surprised that my work was adapted to the cover. Under the contract I drew up I gifted the digital images of the illustrations to Beit Am and gave my permission to Ellen Perlis to make any changes she saw fit to give the strongest support to her vision of the book. I am more than pleased with the results.

Beit Am Publications is making the book available for sale for, $19.95. It is at the Grass Roots Book Store in Corvallis and on line at http://www.beitam.org/publications

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