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Monday, October 07, 2013

Acrylic painting in the rain -"Sunshine breaking through the mist." 44" x 60"

In the 80's I taught airbrush at Linn Benton Community College until my eyes swelled up from the detergent used to clean the brushes. furthermore I needed glasses to see up close and paint spray would obscure and then harden on my glasses or goggles.  

Directions for airbrush-like soft blending on a large scale canvas.

One trick is to keep the surface damp without puddles. With a spray bottle or natures' sprinkles dampen the entire surface.  Place canvas flat on the ground. Then with a cloth rag dip into jar of Liquitex Ultra Matte Gel. Spread gel thinly and evenly over the canvas. Keep the surface damp by spritzing with water. Next add a little color on rag saturated with gel.  Spread colored gel over the still wet canvas.  Then help along the spreading with more spritzing.

If luck is with you the sun will break through  the mist and dry the canvas as it to my great pleasure today.

The upper half of  painting "Sunshine....", required four layers of  the gel treatment.

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