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Monday, October 14, 2013

The oil painting of "Lunch at mIldred's may never be done.

Seventeen years old with a bust line like me at age 70! Hair too curly! A nose too much like mine! Over and over if I do not copy or even if I am looking at a picture, I tend to always paint me, I suppose that is natural.

Mildred still doesn't look Mayan. With a pencil I drew in a new hair line. Brushing the brush strokes smooth with a soft clean brush does make skin look moist and glowing. The lower lip is even more full than Mildred's.  The eyes are good because she is looking at the girl who is passing her a coup while speaking.
The five year old face also looked like me so with an exacto blade I scraped and added some whites.

Mildred is a weaver of Mayan women's blouses. So details in the weaving are important enough to try and depict more clearly.She also made a thin decorative braid for her daughter ending in a tassel.  I hope people are familiar with shuttles for the loom. With a few corrections like eliminating the weaver's shuttle  because it looks like some knitting not weaving.  Also eliminating the clutter because the painting is about what we all felt about lunch.  Also, the post between the dwellings opening needs clarity because people still see the openings as windows. Pertinent to the meal is the food storage in plastic covered buckets. I'll label them as being beans, rice, dried fish for protein, and dried corn. Since Mildred says she fixes chicken soup often, every market day means a meal with fresh foods. Food storage is important to the meal and should be a part of the painting.

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