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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Apple Blossoms, Fresh Tiled Dirt and Blue Birds

"Apple Blossoms, Fresh Tiled Dirt and Blue Birds" is many layers of acrylic on a cradled wood board. 5" x 7". For sale $120 plus shipping cost.
Blue birds in flight make a magnificent iridescent blue streak. They often perch in our blossoming apple tree and when they see a bug in the freshly tiled earth, they fly down. The next painting will be an essence abstracted from the "Apple Blossoms, Fresh Tiled Dirt, and Blue Birds." My husband is also enjoying the day driving tractor to haul the cut trees to the fence where Fish and Wild Life can pick up the trees for a lake enhancement program with the goal of making an ideal spawning grounds.


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Parapluie said...

Welcome to my blog. Your color fast silks also sounds interesting. I used to paint dyes on silk and When I was painting this small painting I was thinking of the birds on the murals of Pompeii.