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Friday, May 02, 2008

Blue Bird Watches and Waits for Tractor Mower

"Blue Bird and Tractor Mower" is acrylic on cradled wood board 5" x 7". For sale $100 plus cost of shipping.
While my husband mowed the fields, I painted a bluebird watching and waiting. Today the hawk was gone and the bluebirds were out feeding. There was much going on at home. Airing out the motor coach, bookkeeping, volunteer work. With so much happening at home, I wonder when we will think about our next RVing trip.


Anonymous said...

Lovely :-) You are painting the joy of spring and this morning we have our first real frost of winter. Yuk LOL. Checked Mum's room and it was only 16 degrees this morning, so now her heater is on for the duration.

Parapluie said...

Your Mum's room must be 16 degrees Centigrade almost 61 degrees F. That is colder than I like. Right now this afternoon it is 62 F. outdoors. It has been a very cold spring here.

Anonymous said...

Yep, sounds about right - far too cold for an 83 year old's bedroom. Serious heater time, and I hurriedly changed her bed to fluffy sheets! Hope the days are warming up for you.