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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Children's Ceramic Parties and class lesson plan projects

Front and back views of an earthen ware pot I did of my daughters and husband in 1975. This pot has always been precious to me because I love these people. The colors were clays of different colors and the green was poster paint. The shinny finish is Verothane. The yellow clay body came from British Columbia, Canada.

Looking through the archives of children ceramics is truly humbling. Themes of peace and international participation are note worthy. The ambitious projects are awesome. There have been similar art works with children to what I would like to do described in an earlier post.
Looking through the Google index I found:

An archive devoted to Children and ceramic work from all over the world. The examples of mosaic walls are splendid.http://www.ecfs.org/Projects/FieldstonLower27111/

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