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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Extreem pein air painting on Iron Mt.

Watercolor 140 pound paper or heavier cut into 7" x 30" papers that are folded are manageable held in my nondominent hand along with a small Winsor Newton travel palette with a detachable small water cup. When a color is drying, I can just open the book more and let it flap in the breeze while painting a new one. I don't need a paint rag because the brush and container wet with color can be used to paint the negative areas around the flowers. The bright colors can be introduced after all the paint and water has dried. The new water is clear ready for the brighter colors. Photo by Rain

Warning : although I had some mosquito repellent little flies landed on my left wrist and I couldn't easily swat them. During the night the bites made my wrist and some of the fingers swell. Benedryl is helping. Possibly repellent needs to be new not over 10 years old.


Darlene said...

The paintbrush must be an extension of your arm. You paint in a moving car, standing on a lovely mountain path, and on your patio. Is there no place you don't paint?

I'll bet you would paint from the middle of the swimming pool if you could tread water fast enough. ;-)

Parapluie said...

I have painted in buses on bumpy unpaved roads. I have painted sitting in a cool stream I used watercolor pencils to paint the lovely colors I see from sitting low in the water. The accordion books or post cards are good in the river.
Of course I have difficulty painting some places. I get the most from what is happening and what I am experiencing in extreem places. It is very difficult for me to paint while trying to make jokes and be with other people unless they are very long time friends like Rain and Farm Boss.