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Thursday, July 09, 2009

What is most precious on a precious ceramic vase.

I am painting on vases because ceramic vases are seen as precious and remind us of life. Children are our future and have a real sense of wonder and know what is important. What a delight it is to vicariously share their joy in what is precious to them. I want to incorporate their sense in some vases. Sometimes copying their art by incorporating their pictures into a strong statement that will interest those who will construct our future like politicians and entrepreneurs. To be seen I will possibly make a u-tube show of the vases.

These are of a vase called "Children Running Free is most precious of all for me" It is 5 and 1/4" tall and was made at Sure Fire you paint it ceramics in Albany, Oregon. It cost me $15.
Please comment with ideas of what is most precious to you. And I am open to ideas on how to get more responses for me to work with.


cathsheard said...

The longer I live in my home town, the more strongly I realise that society allowing, and celebrating, diversity is precious to me.

Parapluie said...

Your idea and sentence will find a place on a vase. Thank you for your beautiful contribution to the Children's Ceramic Project.