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Saturday, October 03, 2009

day of play that didn't meet all my expectations

Friday morning began with a walk at Gleneden Park near Depoe Bay, Oregon. I liked the textures and the softness of foliage and structures partly concealed by fog. Then in the afternoon I went on a boat ride up from Coyote Rock to Skunk Creek on the Siletz River. When we started the weather was sunny and warm but soon after we anchored up to fish and paint the weather did a number on our plans. A large cloud turned angry and black. The change of weather was something I could not adjust into my painting of a vase of a hundred, good, leaf years. I wondered if a small black cloud was appropriate to such an upbeat view of aging and decided a little challenge was OK. However no sooner than I put a little dark cloud into my painting, we decided we needed to race back home before the storm. I quickly started another less precise painting but it didn't turn out either. I was left wondering if I can pull off putting river landscapes in the back and foreground of my painting because they are so complex and compete with the vase. Maybe I need to think out how I can suggest a river of life in an economy of images.

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