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Friday, October 30, 2009

Making space for a winter oil painting studio

My husband is devoting several days to clearing the way for a 13' x 13' space in the corner of the shop. He hung a florescent light above. And made a trip to Habitat for Humanity, and the Salvation Army. Discarded stuff included corroded wire, a 40 year old propane stove, Jeep gas containers, a broken chain saw, and sheep medicine for sheep long gone in our past.
On the easel is a painting in progress. At first it was a Precious Vase of Self-worth. After talking about it with others and searching the meanings given to self-worth, I found the concept too ambiguous for what I mean. So I am making a grouping of vases expressing respect - self-respect, the expectation of receiving respect, respect for others and respect for the earth. Respect is not a value like a money value, it isn't something earned like a gold star you receive as a reward for something. It comes from within and is something that makes you want to be caring and do the right thing. Respect is most precious to me personally. I have asked others what is precious to them. My series of precious vases illustrate many wonderful answers. For me personally the most precious thing is respect.


Rain said...

How neat that your husband would do that for your art. It looks like it'll be a very functional, bright and energized space for your winter's art.

Parapluie said...

Yes, I am so thankful we have finally said it is time to remove all the sheep meds for pink eye foot rot, screw worms and ticks. We haven't had sheep for more than ten years. We should not have any sentimental feelings for scraping a 45 plus rusty propane stove. Other things are more difficult. What do you do with spare rowing ores that need repair when still using a drift boat. What do you do with a half a dozen shovels? There are still difficult decisions to make. But I soon see a nice wall for painting a large painting.