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Friday, November 20, 2009

Nature, art history, and the abstract

Working towards communicating feelings, I feel bound to realism in these two paintings. In these paintings I am gaining inspiration from Cezanne and a contemporary acrylic painting posted earlier. I look at color first and then try to draw the most basic forms. The second painting is still at the color stage. It may remain as is if it would just stay light when it dries. In abstracts from nature it is more difficult to say the painting is finished. Often it is not. It is best to do another and come back later to it.
The top painting is 28" x 22".
"November Storm Abstract" is abstract by nature of fog's veil that reveals and conceals. This one is 16" x 20".


Rain said...

Really interesting and does capture the feeling of the storms mixed with sunlight

Parapluie said...

Rain, Thanks, these paintings are from the day we visited and walked on the road overlooking your ranch.

RT said...

You`re communicating clearly. Those are rich paintings full of feeling for the landscape.

Robin Bogg said...

Have you done any paintings of umbrellas or ones that feature them as part of a rain swept landscape?

Parapluie said...

Yours is a very good question. I have not painted on umbrellas although I might if I found a good blank umbrella of natural fiber. As for the umbrella theme in my paintings, the answer is seldom do I have umbrellas in my paintings. However, some of my past favorite paintings that have been up in my house for long periods of time have umbrellas. During the 70's when I lived in Bellingham, Washington I painted sun bathers not shaded by their big beach umbrella at Whatcom Lake Park. About 15 years ago I painted the spectators under their umbrellas. They were watching cross country racers at the finish line. Another subject I want to paint is a self portrait of me twirling an up ended umbrella catching liquid sunshine but have not done so to my satisfaction.

rob ijbema said...

the feeling comes across...like a dream

Parapluie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and your encouragement.
These cold clear days, I have not painted but plan to when it warms up and snows.

garybennett said...

I love your abstract paintings. There's a sense of rawness along with wonderful painting handling and colors.