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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Precious Vase - Respect

Here are two variations on the same theme - Respect: Self-Respect, the Expectation of Receiving Respect, Respect for Others, and Respect for the Earth.

These two are not the final painting on Respect.
I am keeping a sketchbook by our television so when I see on the news vases in the presence of high governmental officials of the world, I can sketch the shapes for analyzing their body language. Are they defensive and sealed off from others and put forth a message of being stable, and invincible? Or are they trusting and giving. Do they appear to expect to be respected? Do they need to be divided into shields of protection?
Do they need ornamentation or does their regard for themselves come from within? Do they give off an illuminating sense of goodwill?


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Parapluie said...

Currently I am reading right wing text books in an attempt to find what is universally held as fundamentally precious. "Respect" is high on the list and closely related to "Respect" is "Deference",consideration of another's wishes.(Chapter, 24th Principle, Peace through Strength, subtitle Washington's fifth annual Address to Congress, p.263) From the text I can not miss the right wing fear that more governmental control of any kind will mean that their wishes will not be respected or given deference. Senater Orrin Hatch titles one of the prefaces to the book. "A Book Full of Vison and Hope" The book "This volume is concise and carefully researched. It is the kind of stimulating book I should like to see being studied in all of our high schools and universities. "A Miracle That Changed the World, the 5000 year leap, Principles of Freedom 101, W. Cleon Skousen elevent printing, December 2008.