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Monday, March 15, 2010

Water-soluble crayon accident on the port side stern

The lower prominade of the Rotterdam was a favorite outdoor location for painting. I thought the ship had given me a perfect table for me - the life jacket box at the port side stern overlooking the wake of the ship had a waist high large flat top for me to put my painting supplies on or for me to sit. At 5:00 AM the maintenance crew always hosed off the teak wood deck and fixtures. When I went out the water was still evaporating. I did not notice that my favorite table was also wet. I was happy to paint the previous day's Sierra Madre sketches that I made on a hike. I needed some nice Carand'ache majentas and pure yellows. But in opening them up I spilt them on the wet table and immediately there was color all over the pure bright ship white. I mopped it up with a few facial tissues. And put some random colors on the back of my folded accordion watercolor. It sort of fit in with the bright colors that pep up even the poorist village huts.

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