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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Clay and earth rich in making community in Moche and Chimu cultures.

The wonderful property of clay is the slightest touch is recorded making individuality inevitable. The early Moche wall repeating the Decapitator God made each face an individual with slightly different features.
The Moche Temple of the Moon, so named by the Spanish has a tapestry-like appeal. The temple was for the nobles and the priests but also for the artisans who built it because working on a grand scale with clay brings together people into a shared process. The process becomes valued more than the material temple. The journey in making the temple resulted in repeating the process six times. Every hundred years the old temple was sealed off and a new one built on top.

The later, 850 A. D. - 1470, Chimu culture used a fish net motif on this administrative building. The Chimu continued the tapastery symbolism of the earlier culture. community is the tapestry that unifies people and in the Moche and Chimu cultures art and life was valued over the material as evidence shows there wasn't any looting of their own temples during their times. Later the Incas attempted to loot the Sun temple but after removing several layers they gave up. Later the Spanish tried to find valubles but gave up also. Clay is a humble medium but very strong for building strong commendable civilizations.
Visiting Truijillo ruins has made me think about the place of artists and my own art work in community.

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