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Friday, May 21, 2010

Clays of the Moche Valley, Peru and Power Point

Making a slide show is more than I ever anticipated. I am not only learning Power Point but the structure of the program is excellent in developing ideas. Paste a too big slide or one with too many subjects is no problem. It is easy to crop and make any correction in picture tools. Also there is an outline of the text so the whole show can be read without the pictures to make sure it flows.
As much as it is an enthralling creative process, I have a few problems. I don't know how to put Power Point on my blog yet. The slide shows are also too big for my computer to e-mail them.
Of the five slide shows, the one about the "Mother of all Inventions" involves the most far out thinking inwhich several applications of the grid and the hook-up and line are illustrated from our trip. In my conclusion neither basic invention is given the possition of "Mother of All Inventions." What do you artists know is the fundamental one.
Sometimes I take a break and paint.

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