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Monday, May 03, 2010

Patricia Villalobos at the Ortiz Gurdian Art Gallery in Leon, Nicaragua

In February I first saw Patricia Villalobos' "Glucosa" at the Ortiz Gurdian Art Gallery in Leon Nigaragua. I was thrilled to see Patricia's and other women artists' work represented in a prestigious museum setting.
I was amazed because in March 1994 at the Rallie Museum in Caesaria, Israel, I viewed South American artists' work. There was only one woman represented. South American women must have much to express in visual arts. Maria Luisa Manassero's "El Prorietario" of 1980 depicted an older, unfeeling, well-to-do male holding a cigar in the face of a baby face girl.

Patricia Villalobos' "Convergencia", Artist Accordion Folded Book dated 2008.

In 2008 hurricane Mitch caused a volcanic mud slide in Nicaragua.

Patricia Villalobos grew up in Managua, Nicaragua surrounded by 27 volcanic cone shaped mountains. Nicaragua is often shook by earthquakes. I relate to Patricia's expression of the instability of our existence and feeling powerless. I have felt mildly traumatized by earthquakes and cyclones that I experienced growing up in Berkeley, California.

Patricia says of her own work: "My work is a hybrid practice of prints, photos, videos, multiples and installations. I am primarily interested in how reproducible forms of representation can alter our notions of singularity. My installations play with the tension between the three-dimensional physicality of sculpture/architecture and the ephemeral nature of video and sound. In this way my work questions our sense of stability; I am intrigued by how time can seem to be suspended as we enter and exit spaces in a state of flux – some geographical, others virtual, pointing to a concurrent state of dissolution (dissociation) and hyper-embodiment."
Patricia's web site has emotional images in picture form, videos and her installations.http://www.patriciavillalobos.com/


Anonymous said...

Just checking in to say hi - always plenty to read and ponder when I visit. Thank you for sharing of yourself and your art.

Parapluie said...

It is a pleasure to hear from you always.