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Monday, September 06, 2010

New series of Oregon Coast Paintings

I have been inspired by my early art education under Frederick Heidel and more recently Diane Hoff-Dobbie to be very selective from nature and then let myself go without expectations. Only to interrupt the free flow by stopping to look and draw out several paths for a conclusion to the journey. In recent days I have set up myself for uncertain success. I have been trained to do painted studies from nature and then work in the studio. Here I am doing studies in the studio mostly from memory on 12" square Masonite. Now I am going out to the river canyons and beaches to do the larger works. I like to play and experiment but that isn't the object, I want a true, immediate, emotional response that is structured to communicate. I am not painting my impression of nature: I am painting selected nature that reflects my desire for a rich paining journey. Hopefully I won't be lost in scattered impulses too much of the time.

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