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Friday, September 17, 2010

The way I paint and draw is very nearly the same.

For a month abstracts approaching non-objective content have been my focus on this blog. In addition I have been making pen and ink illustrations. To my great surprise I learned that my best most direct and expressive work in both is done when I am standing up. Even when I am working in 3 inch square area I need to have free movement of my arm.
Secondly, I learned that I needed to be in a certain moment when I had a whole over all awareness of what I was making. As soon as I fixated on a part of the painting that was not as precious as another, the changes were forced. I can be very good at finessing a spontaneous look but it is always very difficult and often I fail. Like in my paintings when I draw, I started changing small areas using white-out making forced areas in an otherwise precious drawing.
In both drawing and painting, I work myself up into an emotional state of what I am making. When I tried to copy analyzing the angles and sizes, the emotion and spontaneity was dead. The same death to my spirit occurred with tracing on a light table.
Today I am going to buy more sumi ink and nibs for my old fashioned pen. I love the way it responds to my slightest differences in pressure as though I was sculpting. As for the rags, I have been using on my paintings, I am going to fashion more paint shapers from rubbish I would ordinarily throw in the garbage.

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