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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Golden Acorns from My Grandchildren

This painting is not for sale.
When two of my grand daughters painted on this picture with me, one wanted to take acorns home with her. "Me too" I thought. A reason that I love to paint is so I can take a treasure from nature home with me. We keep cherished memories.(Click on the picture for a larger image)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sky Light Paintings

In 2008 I finally removed these paintings from our sky light and I cut them up to sell in the conventional manner. They are matted and covered with a transparent envelope and sold in my my bin at exhibits. Some I may later post on the blog. I am looking at making another wrap around mural because it was so much a joy for so long. The acrylic colors and interference paint held up well in the intense light.

My home is my studio and my grouping of paintings is a work in progress. These paintings are intended as sketches for what I might make for my skylight. Might make? My original intention was to do studies for wrapped canvases but I like the paper and the look of not being finished. Unfinished is in keeping with my idea of painting infinity which keeps on going and is never complete. I question whether permance and archival is relevant for me as an artist living an art process. As I got up on a ladder hanging this work I decided it is an installation.
These paintings using interference and metalic acrylics and watercolor crayons on Canson watercolor paper are thumb tacked to the walls of my livingroom sky light. The painting is inspired by the Island in the Sky and my artist friend Diane Hoff-Rome who paints with pastel and interference acrylics. The hanging of these paintings in a sky light is influenced by Matisse's studio in Nice, France. Also I am influenced by Doris Duke's estate on Diamond Head in Hawaii. Doris like Matisse made her home a work of art in process. Like Matisse I tape a crayon to a long stick and I continue to make changes on my installation.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Painting at Dead Horse Point

In Canyon Lands National Park, I found an ideal inspiration. Maybe I took enough notes to be inspired to make a four sided painting to hang above my head in my livingroom sky light. It will be as though I was looking out at endless vistas bringing the expanse of the outdoors into my cozy livingroom. If all goes well by next month I will have a preliminary trial picture in my skylight. I will see how the lighting makes color reflect and how the color will make my livingroom glow in warm desert color. If the preliminaries live up to my hopes, I will make canvases to fit my sky light.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

My Angel

I made this doll for Christmas decoration but I do not like to put her in a box for the other eleven months so now she catches light from the kitchen sky light.

Catching Rays Indoors

I paint where the light from outdoors is best like the dining room. I even bring my paints into the living room entry to work on all the paintings at once. I wanted to see how they worked into the architecture. The darkness of the corner is deminished by using iridescent and metalic paints. I am enjoying painting with acrylic and oils comparing how the light rays work the richness of the colors. I want to enjoy the textures and beauty of the outdoors inside my home.