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Sunday, June 22, 2008

New images appear in my dream of Obama becoming President

Friday I will post more dreams of the where with all talent of Obama facing our nation at home and in the world. I am painting on wood cradled boxes 12" Squre by 1 1/2". These are not for sale but I am planning to sell a portfolio of reproductions on demand.


Rain said...

I think this is great. All of what you show as squelchers are also what squelches our dreams. The little voices inside our heads that deny us change or making a dream work. It's a terrific reminder to watch out for those barriers and not let them stop us.

Anonymous said...

These are so vibrant - like Obama himself. Cooool.

Parapluie said...

Thank you Rain and Cath for visiting. My dream paintings continue to evolve and I wonder if the new symbols are recognizeable. All day I worked on these paintings and by Friday I will make a new blog about my world dreams.

Kim said...

Diane, This is a wonderful series and I am glad you are doing it...as only you could. I am eager to see your other works on Obama, as well.

A new blog, too...wow! I am impressed. I can hardly keep up with one! But this is a wonderful idea and series!

Wonderful Work!

Austin Maloney said...

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