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Friday, June 27, 2008

Study for visualizing Obama as a changer of world politics

Frequent readers of my blog have seen my first dream of Obama's team winning the Presidency overcoming the "Plaguers" - Greed, Inertia, Dream Squelcher, Big Lie, Prejudice, Fear, Panic and Ego. Obama's experience in team effort to overcome these plagues makes him the most talented to change the United States' imperialistic world policy. My dreams formed as I painted. At first there was the world below the hoop halo. And the heads of state stood below the haloed world as though they were just passive receivers of a miracle. All the people were equal. No more imperial superpowers. At their feet were the "Plaguers" just piled up limply. Then I started making the world leaders engaged in the game of basketball. Not real basketball but the essence of basketball team work.
This is a progress report. Can you tell that the world is going through the net of a unifying force - possibly the world wide web? I can paint the blue marble more beautifully. The heads of state pictured here may need an attitude adjustment through painting different body language. It is just hard for me to visulize the transformation of heads of state when the United States stops rescuing as an excuse for domination.
I understand many still believe we are waging war in Iraq to keep terrorists from attacking us at home. I wonder if I am in an ivory tower painting too far beyond common comprehension.
The next study will be a dream of Obama inspiring the direction of the homeland. Finally I'll be making a blog with these political dream paintings along with earlier political paintings soon.

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