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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Second installment of the novel I AM DARION PAINTER

Tucson Adobe Home

I brushed the dust off of TUCSON ADOBE HOME. Then hung it up where I could study it.

I am amused to think that it doesn't really belong to me in my dream. It belongs only to part of me - the worker in the dream office. The first thing I notice when I look at the painting is the dream land colors of coral and teal green. I feel the warmth and breath in the fragrant desert air. Then I saw the path moving past an open mailbox curving towards the front door of the entry porch. The empty mail box tells me the occupant of the house is waiting and open to and hears the world. The interior beyond the covered porch is made of two buildings and a mysterious inner garden. The garden is cool and peaceful on a hot day. This painting reminds me that my home is the structure of my relationship to living. My home and life is an art creation.

An Internet friend, Rain Song, pays close attention to the meaning of dream symbols. She says a house in your dreams means you need to organize your house. I believe she is absolutely completely correct. Two places in my dream house are my dream office and another is the TUCSON ADOBE HOME.

I think part of the significance of the painting lies in the adobe home being made by hand by artists. The home is environmentally in harmony with the hot climate of Tucson. There might be more to this painting than I was aware of when I painted it to become a dream symbol of mine. How I journey in my dreams will determine who I will become.
I get up every morning and ask myself if I have some ideas for what I will paint each day. The need to be relevant is always a pressing matter for me. Every morning starts as a cross road but now I am at a particularly big crossroad. I don't have any more commitments to do shows or exhibit my work. A very freeing feeling!
There are obstacles ahead. Or maybe I should say challenges. My house is full of paintings and keeping it free of allergens means frequently reviewing the contents with a donation bag. Opening up to me are some exciting avenues. There is sharing art and giving back to the community. I might be satisfied with helping hospital patients express themselves in the arts. But that Penny in me wants to jealously save her time to paint for herself. She is always hungry for more. I have so many styles I wonder which one is my truest me. Excuse me I am going to paint now. Or rather Penny is going to be staisfied as I paint now.
Here is the painting she is working on. I am calling it Sunset Peeping Around Stormy Scowl. Well it isn't ready yet but will be coming soon along with self-portraits of Darion Painter.

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