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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sylvia Beach exhibit goes up Thursday

(update: The show is up. Below is most of the paintings. Click on picture to enlarge.)
I am painting memories of the beach accessible from the Salishan Market Place Nature Trail. The dunes were high in October giving me the idea for "Tide Reaching Over the Dunes" I loved the way the sea foam was so light and marked the water's receding edges. This will be one of the 30 paintings going up at Sylvia Beach Hotel. The painting is acrylic on a wood cradled board 12" square. Until the exhibit is over January 20th the only place to purchase this painting is at Sylvia Beach Hotel.


Martha Marshall said...

Wow, I love that water Diane! Long time no see. I've been up to my armpits here, but it's all good. I see you're still doing some beautiful and wild paintings.

Parapluie said...

Oh thank you Martha, I must not let writing my first novel get in the way of painting. Yesterday when we were in Lincoln City the wind blew hard before I could even get my camera out to photograh the lighting had changed. Then coming home I could see a sunset peeping around a rain scowel.