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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thoughts forThanksgiving Week

(a visiting buck in our back yard) (safely in city limits)
I am thankful that I am not Darion. For those of you who have not read my recent blog entries, Darion is the main character in my first novel that I am writing in daily installments on my blog. It may become a novel. I am having to think if this story of a daily painter has enough plot and character to develop. I think there is drama enough in the development of an artist.
Darion does come from my experiences but I have much more than she has to be thankful for because I have a supportive husband, family and friends and art patrons who are buying my art and a commission to do children's book illustrations for JH Sweet's series FOO AND FRIENDS. http://www.jhsweet.com/

The next installment of I AM DARION will be December 1st. This week I will take off to devote to family and friends.


Anonymous said...

Playing catch up - the Sylvia Beach exhibition looks amazing. Would love to see it IRL. And that buck is a beauty; really very handsome.

Parapluie said...

Yes, the paintings have all been posted on this blog at one time or other but when I gathered them together and strung them up so that I could stack them, something amazing happened. I like these heavy looking wood blocks suspended by Spider Wire fishing line. It is amazing to see heavy feeling boxes as though they were floating in space. Maybe some one will buy a grouping of them because they work as an interesting unit.
Sylvia beach Hotel is a friendly gathering place for people who like a quiet, quaint, cozy get-a-way where they can curl up with a book or enjoy a table board game in the library. You can look up from your book and watch the waves out at the beach. The Table of Contents Cafe takes reservations from the public for dinner where you can enjoy meeting others at a round table sharing salad and bread but have your own selection of either meat, fish or vegetarian main dish.
About the deer, We frequently see them in day light hours here. there are fewer wild places because there has been such crazy building in recent years.

Kay Dennison said...

I think this is wonderful!!! I'm glad I followed Rain's link! I'll be back.

Parapluie said...

Kay, thank you for visiting. I value your comments on rain's blog. You are welcome here.

Anonymous said...

You said "I don’t suppose that anyone in New Zealand misses winter enough to come join us on the Oregon Coast or at Mt. Hood". Heck no LOL. MOst people are very pleased to see the back of winter. Something like 90% of the population live within 40 minutes drive of the beach, so everyone hangs out for sun, swim 'n surf.

Parapluie said...

New Zealand is a marvelous landscape. Whrn I visited, I was very inspired painting the jewels set in the Tasman Sea. I must joke that anyone would want to come to Oregon to ski and watch the surf. People do surf here in body suits.