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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Black animal, oil painting number 3

I am very happy painting in my back yard.
Detail of the painting while the paint was still wet all over. I liked these animals but I got caught up in the drawing of the animals.

Painting before today's changes!

Black Lambs and Geranium, number 3 of series, oil on canvas, 16' X 20", not for sale at this time. This was the most difficult of the series thus far. The paint started to dry and I couldn't move the paintaround without scuffing up the paint. For the sake of the flow and expressiveness of the painting I used distortion.


Darlene said...

Your back patio looks like an ideal place to paint.

The red geraniums certainly draw the eye to the middle of your painting.

Parapluie said...

I enjoy our outlook finally. After living in the house for over two decades, I am very happily engaged in documenting it in paint.
The red geraniums is not one I am happy with. But there are parts of it that I like and will play off of in another series of geraniums and black animals.