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Monday, June 01, 2009

Ultramarine Squared and White Spade Abstracts.

"Ultramarine Squared," started as a yellow then red composition and after many layers of washes I topped them with Ultramarine. I was surprised at how much white rose to the surface to make a ligher ultramarine. The paint had hardened in the tube and after weeks of soaking finally dissolved. Watercolor and gouache, 30"x 22", $300
White Spade is in a field of green with two white diamonds. I had no objective. I just like the paint colors, watercolor, 30" x 22", $300


Darlene said...

You are way beyond my understanding of art, especially abstracts. I'm afraid I don't understand Picasso's later period. Maybe if I keep reading your blog I will become more enlightened.

Parapluie said...

I hope to share with you the thrills, joys, and sometimes frustrations of making relevent art. Your comments help me in making what I do communicateable. Recently I have left comments on some abstract paintings at http://randalldavidtipton.blogspot.com