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Friday, May 29, 2009

At Seal Rock we enjoyed friends and taking pictures

Watching at the window an ever changing beach front. Rain and Farm Boss and my husband Don counting the wild life before us.

We were awed by the northward migration of the Pelicans riding the air currents just above the waves.

Don kicked back and relaxed watching the sunset.

Rain in a thoughtful mood.

Rain enjoyed being in Farm Bose's lens. The ocean is a healing place.

Rain and Farm Boss walked towards Seal Rock in the distance.

Rain photographing calm and turbulent waters.

A bedroom patio door at Seal Rock.

Even though I am a quick painter, I felt I would miss something while painting. So I outdid myself in photographs. I don't have the patience though to manage the photographs when I would rather be out painting. But I just had to capture the moment this way. The room looks like a a Matisse painting. The good feeling bedroom and the beautiful coast made me want to take picture after picture.

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Kay Dennison said...

Love the photos!!!! Am delighted you are enjoyimg your trip.