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Friday, May 29, 2009

Photograph Abstracts

I love color and texture and paint for paint's sake. So when I see color and texture in nature I reproduce it in photographs. Digital photography makes it possible for me to quickly crop and publish my found inspiration. Now I need not use these photos for painting inspiration for abstracts. I am free to work from immediate experience and emotions. Very likely my photographs will influence my painting subconsciously.


Darlene said...

i love the next to the last one. You have captured so much texture and contrast in it. I think the still water at the lower edge of the painting emphasizes the rough texture of the shore.

I may be seeing things that you didn't intend, but that, to me, is the beauty of impressionism. We can inject our own feeling in the painting.

Parapluie said...

I do welcome the viewer to interject their own story and feelings in my paintings. These photos were taken quickly and now as photographs they have new emotional content to me beyond what I felt when I took them.

Rain said...

It's funny how you and I rarely walk the same places, take photos at the same time but I ended up with many of the same images. When I am at the ocean I am drawn to both the tiny little vignettes and the grand landscape of the whole. Each says a different part of the story. These are interesting photos to show the inner life of that small cove.

Parapluie said...

I didn't know we took the same pictures. Your cameras are more powerful and better at wild life and close ups of flowers.
I do think I have some of you and Farm Boss that are unique and will be posting them soon.