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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oregon Beaches

Face Rock, Oregon Coast, 2001, water media on yellow tinted handmade paper, 15" x 19 1/2" $200

Siletz Bay Gull and Crow, 2006, water media on Lanaquerelle paper, 15"x 20", $90

Hug Point, Oreon, 2002, watercolor mixed media on Lanaquarelle paper, 29" x 22", $ 120


Darlene said...

I really love your painting HUG POINT OREGON, Diane. It speaks to me.

Please send me your e-mail address. I thought I had it and now I can't find it. I promised to explain the single payer system to you.

My e-mail is: darcostner@yahoo.com

Thank you.

rob ijbema said...

these are all so alive!!
wonderful so much energy