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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some more ideas from Diane Hoff's methods of intuitive process

Warm ups are always good for getting into a state of mind ready to accept playing off of what is happening rather than rigidly controlling. The door way watercolor in blue and red was done while wearing violet colored sunglasses revealing new ways of seeing. The white doors grouped themselves with a cool zone. When I wasn't looking at the paper the pencil working on the paper's resistance caused the forms to be shaped in the calligraphic strokes of some Hebrew alphabets pointed out Diane Hoff. The resistance, I believe, of the quill nub on velum has much to do with the calligraphic strokes in the Hebrew alphabet. All written alphabets take on their shape from the medium taking character from the brush or stone cut letters for examples. When you are not looking at the paper you do not fight the medium and the drawing flows like calligraphy.

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