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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What is finished? outdoor paintings started on location

Two questions haunt me. One, I keep asking why I become dissatisfied with so many paintings I once considered finished. I am puzzled because this change in judgement is made in light of my desires to make, to be done and to go onto new experiences. Could it be that I depart from a prescribed and predictable finish? My approach is to paint only what is necessary to communicate. I want to make my emotions of the moment come forth through my subject or abstraction. I could be in a different thinking mode in years to come. I become my own audience and thus demand more clearly stated visions. I like the random order of nature and want to approximate nature's energy. If the painting has gone through labor and torment I want to make it more natural than my first markings on the paper. The second question is why am I becoming less interested in selling. It would be nice to have money to buy materials and cover my expenses. Could be because there are fewer sales today and in defense I just say I don't care. But I was growing less interested before the recession. Could it be because I have had wonderful sales in the past where my art work was enjoyed by someone who I met and cared about. Maybe I am less interested in selling because of my organization of my work to keep some from each year and to recycle the rest into new works. Today I organized my work on paper by subject and labeled the shelves of work. I am going to constantly accept a or recycle my work so the total growth of my collection remains constant. Full Moon Over Lava Rock Pond, Eastern Oregon 1992, South Devil's Kitchen 1998, and Wave at Seal Rock, 1991 all watercolors completed today, 18" x 21", $200 each

Grand Prairie Park Trout Pond, Albany, started 1989 and completed today, w. c., 21" x 15", donated to Oregon Hatchery Research Center

Twin Bridges to McDowel Creek Run, started 1989 and completed today. w.c. and gouache foreground added today, 18" x 22", donated to Oregon Hatchery Research Center

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