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Friday, May 29, 2009

Paintings at Seal Rock

Sheltered Pools, watercolor and watercolor crayon in sketch book, 5" x 9", $90

Here are some paintings exploring the journey towards non-objective paintings done from the window in the rental house. Then when I painted outdoors in the sand and cool, the usual urge to illustrate the primal gestures of rock and water over shadowed my trial direction towards paint for paint's sake springing from inspiring nature.

Green Life Center, watercolor and gouache, 6" x 10", $120

Two Rocks in Water, Gouache, 5" x 11", $80

In the well stocked library at the house where we stayed is a small paper back volume, "The World View of Paul Cezanne, A Psychic Interpretation", by Jane Roberts, Introduction by Seth. I wait until another visit to read the entire book, but I did find a quote that validates my old journey in painting. P. 118
Nature's vitality must be suggested through the artist's strokes and squiggles of color each seemingly alive, rising up from the canvas as, for example, the stem from the ground - not all at once with its final thickness and height, but in strokes mimicking natures own rhythms as the stem grows invisible but vital inches at a time...So the brushstrokes must capture that invisible thrust.

I have talked about energy movement in earlier posts. Rhythm of strokes that grow with invisible thrust has been a focus for so long I started to paint as I have been doing adapting the manner of Cezanne.

Boughs after Cezanne, gouache, 6" x 15", $90

I have also admired Winslow Homer. It wasn't my intention. I just didn't know as usual where the painting would go and the wet atmosphere on the sandy beach prompted me to paint this way because I was enjoying the granular softness.

Rock Stands Against Sudden Wave, watercolor and gouache, 8" x 10", $90


Kay Dennison said...

Cezanne is a favorite artist of mine, too. I'm so enjoying these watercolors you've been posting.

Casey Klahn said...

Fantastic works! Very evocative (from an old beach dog!)

Rain said...

I especially like the Breaking on the Rocks. I took a lot of photos of waves as they broke over them and your painting really says it all

Parapluie said...

Photographing the waves breaking on the rocks was frustrating to me because I waited for the just right time and then the camera's timer would shut it down. Or more often I just didn't read the waves to know when. So while painting on the beach, I didn't set up at the best place for wave action. But I had a happy accidental sugestion of a wave. So I went for that in a realism I had not anticipated.

Parapluie said...

Thanks Kay,
I do enjoy knowing that maybe you will read my blog. I derive meaningfulness in my blogging knowing that I mightadd something to other's lives.

Parapluie said...

Very kind words that have meaning from you whose works I admire.